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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Beat the heat with Coolers

The best way to beat the heat during summers is to keep oneself cool and hydrated by consuming a lot of beverages, fruit juices and drinks like lassi, nimbupaani, butter milk, etc.
Exposure to heat leads may cause health problems like dehydration, sun stroke and stomach upsets.

Coolers, are natural drinks prepared from thandephal or ‘cooling fruits’ that keep the body cool in the summer time.

Aam panna (made from raw mango pulp), watermelon juice and pomegeranate juices are known to be great coolers.

These juices protect our bodies from the scorching heat during summer and are effective natural remedies for heat exhaustion and heat stroke.


Anonymous said...

Hi malini,am ann,new have a great blog dear..loved and will be dropping in..keep on going..

Sunanda said...

Its name itself is very soothing in this hot summer days..I love that very much

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