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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Plagiarism - Once Again

Another case of plagiarism. As these days, I am not very regular in posting and also cannot check the site regularly. But surely this is not the post I intended to write about. Just today, I happen to update some posts, found a comment left by an anonymous visitor that my post on Calcutta Chicken Roll has been copied in a Pakistani recipe site, launched on Monday, June 22, 2009.

My post on Calcutta Chicken Roll (post on Mar 8 2009), has been copied verbatim in the site with the post name as Calcutta Kati Roll – Kolkata Chicken Roll

Even the picture has been copied. Though they have carefully erased the mark on the picture, one can still understand that it’s my picture. My site name has been written but no credit / linking has been provided.

After some more browsing, I found 2 more of my posts have been copied:

The picture of Stuffed Dahi Was even shows my site name. Though in the post, my site name is mentioned but no linking is provided.

I happen to check some more pictures and came across posts copied from Srivalli's site, Cooking 4 all Seasons and another site, Tasty Indian Food.

I have left a message at the site. I have asked them to either credit with my site link or remove these posts altogether.

Some days back Ivy’s work was copied, check her post on Plagiarism.

Fellow bloggers, pl check if any of your posts have been copied in this site.
Hope these people stop copying our work once and for all.


Priya said...

Oh no Malini, its really hard to digest these sort of nasty things, do worry..pls go through Cham's space she have posted some great tips to avoid these sort of difficulties,check this link:

Hope this helps u lot..Never put u down, dont forget ur passion for cooking, do post ur delicious dishes dear, never we let u down..take care:)..

shanthi said...

Oh!!! This has become a big head ache nowadays and the hard work is being copied.....

Pari said...

That's really sad Malini, it's good that u asked them, keep everyone posted about what they do. said...

There are some dishonest and shameless people around.Its so bad.

Ivy said...

Hi Malini. It seems that the guy who was stealing the content of my blog finally removed my posts after warning him. In fact now he has copied content from other blogs and have managed to trace a few which I have informed them about this.
As there are no links to the posts, I google searched the title of the posts and managed to find a few of them.

Ivy said...

This is weird. I just got another pingback today on this post of yours.

Now they are copying even the posts on plagiarism!!

Sherly Isaac said...

I found your site because some of my recipes have been copied from my blog'sRecipes by and they did the same things which they did to your recipes.

But I found them in Facebook. If you want to make comments, you can do that by going here:!/masalamag

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