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Monday, August 30, 2010

Plagiarism of another kind

These days plagiarism is so common, that if you come across any site with your pictures and copied recipes, you feel angry. You may even write to the website / blog author for disciplinary actions but on second thought you feel, are those sites really worth of a second look and we seem to only add to their blog traffic.

When I started my blog, I did not know much about plagiarism and related actions to be taken. But as time went by, I came across several sites where my pictures and posts are copied verbatim without giving due credit to my blog.

Initially I did not know what to do, and wrote to those sites, some have removed the copied posts and pictures and some sites still carry them. It seems these people do not have enough decency to acknowledge your hard work and Plagiarism has become a daily affair to them, what we call in Bengali "Jol Bhaat" (meaning a simple case like water and rice).

So these days, if I see my pictures in some other blogs & website, I really do not care anymore.

But imagine, if you see your picture being published in a leading newspaper (that too a leading Bengali Newspaper, Ananda Bazar Patrika) without your consent and giving due credit, I bet you will get flustered and angry.

original picture

Last Saturday’s 28-Aug-2010 edition of “Utsav” (A supplement of ABP), carried an article on “Posto”, titled “Emon Gotimoi Ghorsoyar rannaghore aar dwitwiyoti nei” by Goutam Chakraborty. My picture of Aloo Jhinge Posto was published in that article as a "Posto" dish.

The picture has been modified in such a way that the recipe name and my blog’s name was removed from the picture to look like an altogether different picture.

I have already written to the Editor of the leading Daily and awaiting clarification from their end.

So my fellow bloggers, besides keeping a tab on blogs and websites, start keeping a track on your local newspaper, maybe you'll find yourself in my position in coming days....

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jayasree said...

I have seen some bloggers facing a similar situation- their pics in newspaper. I will suggest you to put watermark right in the centre. That will make copying not easier.

Uma said...

i know plagiarism is common.. but am shocked to know about newspaper.. said...

Thats so shocking that reputable newspaper will resort to such theft.

Ms.Chitchat said...

Hey,enjoyed browsing ur space and glad to follow u.


Soma said...

Hi Malini,

I was directed to your website by Aparna of My Diverse Kitchen with issues of Plagiarism that I am facing; a similar one like yours. ABP copied one of my photos from my blog, with not consent or mention.

and mine

I wanted to how you went about contacting them. I see an email address of the writer of the article at the bottom of the page, but I also wanted this to be brought into to notice of the main office/editor of ABP. This is sickening..

Please contact me when you have time. My email address:


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