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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Papdi Chaat

Chaat is a type of mouth watering and popular roadside snack all over India, sold by street hawker in food cartss. These days there are specialized ‘chaat’ shops… The word chaat means to taste (to lick) as the Chaat dishes make you lick your plates clean, hence the name…They are so yummy that just by thinking about them makes my mouth water!
Traditionally, chaats are served which may vary from region-to-region and also vary as per taste of the people (us of course!!!)…But if you are making them at home, you can let your imagination turn wild and prepare a chaat recipe as per your liking with as many ingredients available at hand…

If you do not have time to make Papdi, you can always buy ready made packets of Papdi (papri) from the Bhujiwala (Mithai Shops).
Papdi Chaat, is made of crispy wafers garnished with a delicious combination of potatoes, tomatoes, chickpeas, yogurt and flavored with spices and red & green chutneys.

Papdi: (Use a pack of 250 gms ready made papdi if are unable to prepare papdi at home)
  • 1-½ cup all purpose flour (maida or plain flour)
  • ½ tsp thymol (ajwain) seeds
  • A pinch of baking powder
  • 1 tbsp oil (to knead dough)
  • ½ tsp salt
  • ½ cup lukewarm water (as required)
  • white oil, for deep frying

Other Ingredients:

  • 2 medium sized potato, boiled & cut into small pieces
  • 2 small tomatoes, finely chopped
  • ½ cup chickpeas, boiled
  • 2 besan dhokla, crumbled
  • 2-3 cups sour curd / yogurt (whipped)
  • 1 tsp rock salt (to taste)
  • 1-2 tsp roasted cumin seed powder
  • 1 tsp red chili powder (to taste)
  • green chillies (optional)
  • bhujiya (as per taste)
  • dhania (cilantro / fresh coriander leaves) chutney
  • tamarind (imli / tentul) chutney



  1. In a bowl mix flour, ajwain, baking powder, salt and oil. Add the water a little at a time while kneading until it forms a firm dough
  2. Cover the dough and set aside for approx 30 mins. Divide the dough into balls. Add a little oil on the rolling board and roll out a big circle. Prick with a fork / toothpick all over (to emnsure papdi do not puff while frying). Make impression with a glass or any circular cutter (cover of jam bottles). You will get about 4-5 circular papdi at one go.
  3. Take out the rolled out dough carefully and place on a plate. Repeat with the rest of the dough.
  4. Heat the oil in a frying pan on medium heat. (It should not be too hot or else papdi will not be crisp, to check whether the oil is ready or not, put a small piece of dough in the oil. The dough should sizzle and come up to the surface slowly. If the dough rises immediately, lower the flame, let the oil cool slightly and try again).
  5. Release the papdis in small bathches and fry slowly, flip and turn continuously to both sides are a light golden-brown.
  6. Remove fried papdi with a perforated ladle, transfer to a plate and soak the excess oil in a tissue paper. Continue cooking the remaining papdi in batches.
  7. After the papdi cool to room temperature they should be crisp. (You can store the papdis in airtight containers for about 1 month and use as required).


  1. Beat the yogurt with a little salt (Add a little water, if required). Keep aside.
  2. Arrange the papdi on a large plate. Now add the rest of the ingredients one by one on the papdis.
  3. Apply the beaten curd / yogurt and cover the papdis. Add dhania and tamarind chutney. Add bhuiya, chopped coriander leaves.
  4. Sprinkle roasted cumin powder, red chili powder and little rock salt as per your taste.
  5. Serve immediately to taste the crisp papdi chaat.


  • It will be quite nice, if you serve all the ingredients separately in small bowls, for the people to help themselves according to their taste and liking…
  • You can even name the chaat as per your choice with mix and match of the ingredients like dahi papdi (adding more of dahi to the papdis), channa tikki chaat (adding more of roasted channa / chickpeas)…..
Sending this to the Sunday Snacks - Chaats/Indian Street Food event, hosted by Pallavi of All Things Yummy!


Ramya Vijaykumar said...

I just love chat this looks very yummy and perfect... Am drooling....

Anonymous said...

Chat looks cute and yummy ..Happy mothers day Malini

Anonymous said...

Nice recipe. I added a little cilantro and it enhanced the taste

Best Indian Food said...

Its really good.....

Anonymous said...

Mouth watering...........

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