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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Some more copied works at Samayal Blog

Some people just don't learn from their mistakes....

Well Sarmila of Samayal Blog copied my Eggs in Milk recipe and wrote as Egg curry with Milk.
After my notification, she changed the recipe with a new one, which I stated in my earlier post.

Still not satisfied, I happened to browse further and came across this site, Indian Cooking by Sagari. She wrote about Egg Korma with coconut milk and to my surprise the new recipe at Samayal Blog is none other than the recipe of Sagari (I found out her copied work through spelling mistake of turmeric). I have notified Sagari also on this....
You can find Sagari's recipe out here:
1) Egg Korma with coconut milk
2) Same recipe at Sify by Sagari, Egg Korma

And moreover, lots of other recipes are copied from various food sites as mentioned below:
  1. Fabulous Fruit Salad
    Fabulous Fruit Salad at Samayal Blog, copied from here Summer Fruit Salad
  2. Dal Biryani
    Dal Biryani at Samayal Blog, copied from Hungryzone (she even attached the same picture)...
  3. Fried Banana
    Fried Banana at Samayal Blog copied from Bonbini
  4. Finger Fish
    Finger Fish at Samayal Blog, copied from Indiaexpress
  5. Easy Mushroom Gravy
    Easy Mushroom Gravy at Samaya Blog, copied from Mushroom Masala Curry

It seems all her articles and posts are copied from some blogs or sites with no credits for the original writer.

My request, pl check the site and see if any of your recipes are copied there.


Priya said...

Shocked to see those links..

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