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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Chillah is basically a type of pancake. In West Bengal, soru chakli / pati sapta are traditional pancakes and are taken as a sweet dish.

My mother used to make soru chakli with wheat (atta) and she used to call it "gola roti", meaning wheat batter made with water. She used to add salt but not turmeric, spread the batter in a flat bottomed tawa and fry like a dosa. The final roti looked wheatish and was eaten with fried vegetables / curry.

I changed the dish by adding some other ingredients like flour & besan with chopped vegetables (you can add vegetables as per your choice or prepare the Chillah with wheat, flour & besan only).

I make Chillah in a non-stick flat botomed frying pan so that very little oil is required.

Chillah is very nutritous and with the added vegetables it becomes a meal on its own.

My mother used to serve this with Sukki Bhaji (Sukha Bhaji) which is my father's favourite dish from Nagpur.

I'll state the recipe of Sukki Bhaji in the next post.
As a Bloggermom, I came to know that today is International Pancake Day.

So I decided to write the recipe and post in the site. You can check the recipe for Chillah with step by step pictures by clicking here.


Sophie said...

I love the idea of a savory and healthy pancake! These sound really tasty. I'd like to share your recipe with our readers--please let me know if you're interested!

Key Ingredient Chief Blogger

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