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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Pizza Omlette

An Omlette is a preparation of beaten egg cooked with butter or oil in a frying pan, sometimes folded with filling like grated cheese, vegetables, chicken slices / ham or various combinations as per individual choice & liking.
According to legend, when Napoleon Bonaparte and his army were traveling through southern France, they decided to rest for the night near the town of Bessières. Napoleon feasted on an omelette prepared by a local innkeeper that was such a culinary delight that he ordered the townspeople to gather all the eggs in the village and to prepare a huge omelette for his army the next day.
From Wikipedia (the free encyclopedia), came to to know of the following Variations:

  1. An omelette can be made with tofu.
  2. Bi pong moun is an omelette from Cambodia.
  3. A Chinese omelette can be egg foo yung or an oyster omelette.
  4. Debilovka - traditional omelette, initially issued by Jewish-Russian immigrants in Israel. Colorful combination of wide variety of canned and frozen vegetables, cold cuts and regional spices.
  5. A Denver omelette, also known as a Western omelette, is an omelette filled with diced ham, onions, and green bell peppers, though there are many variations on fillings with a topping of cheese and a sidedish of hashbrowns or fried potatoes.
  6. An egg white omelette is a variation which omits the yolks to remove fat and cholesterol, which reside exclusively in the yolk portion of an egg.
  7. The French omelette is smoothly and briskly cooked in a very, very hot pan specially made for the purpose. The technique relies on clarified butter in relatively great ratio to the eggs (prevents sticking and cooks the eggs more quickly). Good with just salt and pepper, this omelette is often flavored with tomatoes and finely chopped herbs or chopped onions.
  8. Frittata is a kind of open-faced Italian omelette that can contain cheese, vegetables, or even leftover pasta. Frittate are cooked slowly. Except for the cooking oil, all ingredients are fully mixed with the Eggs before cooking starts.
  9. An Indian Omelette is usually made with the addition of Spices which vary by region. Most commonly used are finely chopped Green Chilies, chopped Onions, Coriander Leaf or Powder and a pinch of Turmeric all of which are added to the Egg before it is whisked.
  10. In Japan, Omelette (pronounced Omuretsu) can mean a Western Omelette. Omurice (from the English words "omelette" and "rice") is an Omelette filled with Rice and usually served with a large amount of Tomato Ketchup.
  11. In Mexico, Omelette (pronounced Omletta) can have many of the same ingredients as a Western Omelette.
  12. In the Netherlands, a "Boerenomelet" (literally: farmers omelet) is most favored. It usually consists of: eggs (2 to 3), a mixture of Onions (baked), Mushrooms, Bell Peppers, Leek, Seed-Pod Peas), Salt and Pepper (for seasoning).
  13. Spanish tortilla de patatas is a traditional thick Omelette containing sliced potatoes sautéed in olive oil. The Spanish Omelette often has additional fillings like Onions, Cheese, Bell Peppers or cooked diced Ham.
  14. A Thai omelette can be a kai yat sai which means literally "eggs, filled with stuffing".
    In the United States, a Spanish Omelette is an Omelette served with an often spicy sauce of Tomatoes, Onions, and Bell Peppers.
  15. A Hangtown Fry, containing Bacon and Breaded Oysters, is an unusual Omelette which originated in Placerville, California during the gold rush.

This is the recipe for Pizza Omlette, a simple Omlette prepared with vegetables (which can be as per your liking).

4 eggs
2 medium sized onions, finely chopped
1 medium sized capsicum, finely chopped
2 small tomatoes, finely chopped
1 small bunch fresh coriander leaves, finely chopped
1-2 chiili, finely chopped (per taste)
2 tbsp milk
1 tsp white oil
1 tsp Salt (or to taste)


  1. Wash all the vegetables (onions, capsicums and tomatoes) thoroughly and finely chop to ensure each are of approx equal quantities. Chop the chili. Keep aside.
  2. Finely chop the coriander leaves. Wash well under cold running water and drain the excess water in a strainer. Keep aside.
  3. Break the eggs in a bowl, one by one and beat (with fork / egg beater) well. Add salt and milk, mix well and further beat to form a smooth & frothy mixture.
  4. Take a non-stick frying pan (preferably a round pan with some height). Heat oil and spread & coat all over the base with a wooden spatula including the side of the pan.

  5. Reduce heat and pour half of the egg mixture and roll the pan so that the mixture spreads all over the pan and forms an even base.

  6. Quickly sprinkle the chopped vegetables and coriander leaves randomly so they look like a pizza topping.

  7. Slowly pour the remaining half of the egg mixture evenly all over the vegetables.

  8. Cover with the lid and cook for 6-7 mins or until the eggs are properly set. (The side of the Omlette turns light brown and separates from the side of the pan).

  9. Very slowly, take out the Omlette from the pan and again flip over to the other side.
  10. Increase the flame and cook for 2-3 mins.
  11. Remove from fire in a serving plate and cut into 4-5 slices like a pizza.
  12. The Omlette can be had with rice, chapattis or bread slices and be served with fried potato slices and tomato sauce.

Cooking Tip: To obtain a light and fluffy Omlette, beat the whole egg or egg whites with a little amount of Milk / Water.


Sunanda said...

Malini so nice to know so much about omlette... nice recipe too...I ll definiely give a try... Thnks for following my blog..

Núria said...

Thanks so much Malini for joining and sending over to the Event such an original Omelet!!!! I love it :D

I sent you a comment this morning but it coincided with blogger maintenance and didn't go through... I think.

I wish you good luck and thanks again. See you in the round up :D

honey said...

very good receipe and thank u so much

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